Significations of SUN

Names: Aditya, Bhanu, Divakara, Martanda, Savita, Teekshanamsu, Ina, Bhanumaan, Deepta Rashmi,
Chandaanshu, Bhaskar, Ahaskar, Heli, Tapan, Ark, Dinkrit, Surya, Arun, Poosa, Teekshanshu, Padminish, Adri,
ChandDikshit, Nabbeshwar, Teekshnarashmi, Dhwantdhwanshi, Padmiprannath, Ushmarashmi, Ushnanshu,
Prabhakar, Dinmadi, Vibhavasu, Chitrarath, Chandbhanu, Vikartan, Vanjavanpati, Nag, Nalinivilasi.

Vowels: a e i o u.

Nature and Form: Pungent in taste, stong bones, reddish, brown eyes, dark-red form, clad in red, valiant and
wrathful, Grishma (Summer), yellow eyes, square figure, fair complexion, bilious, intelligent, scarce haired, Moola
(vegetable) planet, lustrous, lord of the sky, honey like yellow eyed, old age, half a year, short like a dwarf, strong at
mid-day, bite, body, mental purity, lordship of country, looking upward, east direction.

Mercury is Sun’s neutral. Venus and Saturn are his enemies, and Mars, Moon and Jupiter are friends. Sun is exalted in 10 degree of Aries; initial 20 degree of Leo are his Mooltrikona; rest of 10 degree is his own sign.

Lord Ram, the incarnation of God was from Sun. He was fully Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit) incarnation.

Deity: Agni (god of fire), Rudra (Shiva).

Family: Trouble to spouse and children, enmity with father progeny, enmity with father and progeny, paternal relatives.

Human Body: Sight, flesh, belly, blood, bone, heart, constitution of the body, vital principle, left eye (in males), right eye ( in females ), bile, back the arterial system, spleen, physical splendour radiance.

Diseases: Wounds caused by quadrupeds of wood, high fever dominated by vitiated bile, burning of body, heart disease, eye-trouble, skin-disease, health, taste, freedom from disease, disease in the head, leprosy, diseases arising from inflammation of bile, injuries from falls, pains, weapons and poisoning, hyper-irritability, bone disorders, baldness, headache, typhoid, aphasia, polypus, epilepsy, sun-stroke, scorches, cerebral meningitis, eruptions of the face, blood pressure.

Dangers: Fear from sovereign, quadruped, thief, God Yama, Shiva, demigods, serpent; danger from enemy, wood, fire, weapon, poison.

Persons: Scythians, Yavanas, famous, celebrity, thieves, smugglers, cowherds, people desirous of victory in war, valorous in war, cruel persons, agriculturists, king outcast, one born to a timid woman, enemy .

Professions: Service under sovereign, kings, cowherds, agriculturists, physicians, persons in authority, noblemen, rulers, princes, titled officers under crown, occupation, gliders; those who work with gold, government; courtiers, dignitaries, goldsmiths, jewelers, circus-trainers, theater-owners and managers, diplomacy,  arbitration, meditation, political and government position, financiers, occupations involving children.

Actions: Any work relation to God Siva, trip to mountain, Yajnas, victory in war, acuteness, self-realisation, activity in public, capture of the enemy, roaming over mountains, scorch, traveling, dealing, strenuous effort.

Abstracts and Qualities: Wealth, seats of power, wickedness, soul, long-standing anger, kingdom, ego, pride, arrogance, haughtiness, capacity to move forward (promotion?), sacred spells, Mantra, bliss, patience, enthusiasm, prowess, courage, power, glory, purity of mind, aptitude, spiritual knowledge, genuineness, valour, intense severity, hear, good strength, hostility, physical splendour, worship of Shiva, courage, being in royal favour, elevation, high patronage, public offices, gains and punishment from the government, paternal property, spiritual power, fame, honours, radiance.

Sun renders honest, generous, noble, desirous of glory, judicious, clever in the arts, truthful, of wise counsel, free.

Rules advancement, goal-directness, leadership and supervisory ability, ego strength, self esteem, self-discipline, capacity for commitment, decision-making, organizational ability, work ethic, crisis management, shock resistance, risk-taking capability.

Animals: Lion, poisonous animals, serpent, quadruped.

Plant Life: Thorny plants, grass, saffron, timber, thick plants, trees inwardly strong, wheat, husky grains, seeds, tree, bitter things, medicinal herbs, pine, grains, groundnut, coconut, saffron, orange trees, asafetida, cardamom, chillies, omum (Ajwan), pepper, cedar, laurel, almond, lavender, vervain, chamomile, anise, rosemary, marigold, nutmeg, rue, aromatic herbs, rice.

Objects: Gold, fire, weapon, pearl, silver, wool, wood, rough, cloth, copper, medicine, poison, bitter things, cattle, a red cloth, ornament, stone, coral thick cord.

Places: Devasthan, deserted place, hill, sea, forests, deserts, river bank, fortress, the world of mortals, land, mountain top, caves.

South bank of Yamuna, Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, east of Narmada, Kamboja, eastern Tamilnadu, Chedi, Regions of Yavanas, Magadha, Mekhla, Burdwan, Kaushanmbi, Saurastra, Kalinga, stock market, stock exchange.

Countries: China. Burma.


  1. The Sun has a masculine and majestic personality, curly but scanty hair, small feet, long hands, broad shoulders and is not very tall. It has honey coloured eyes, a well developed bone structure and has a squarisin appearance. It has a very sharp mind. It is active. It is satwik in nature. It wears orange or saffron coloured clothes. It does not stay at one place for long. It is of clean habits. Its vehicle is a horse with seven heads. It is wise, truthful, kind, and firm. It respects the guru and gods.
  2. Its RELATIONSHIP with the other planets is as follows:

Friendly with….Moon Mars Jupiter

Neutral to…….Mercury

Inimical to……Venus  Saturn

  1. It is the KARAKA for the following:

Soul, self, separation, bones, illustrious appearance, king, steady temperament, represents 50 years of age and also age between 23 and 41 years, father, strength, valour, health, eyes, general well being, and devotion to Lord Shiva.

  1. It REPRESENTS the following:

(i)         Honey coloured eyes, scanty hair, throat, brain, fever, right eye, spleen, spine, belly, mouth, heart, vitality, the native looks upwards, consciousness, individuality, re­sistance to disease, typhoid, meningitis and bitter taste.

(ii)        Authority, aristocrats, high government officers, govern­ment buildings, boss, administrative head, captain, leader, royalty, royal favour, respect for elders, son, reputation, permanent service, independent business financed by the father, career, hard work, and capacity to command.

(iii)       Will, good fortune, ambition, faith, generosity, hope, happiness; loyalty, optimism, expansion, splendour, deliberate act, prestige, scruples, arrogance, bluff, subtle, pure, fundamental, long standing anger, success in worldly affairs, jealousy, pomposity, anger, domineering attitude, prominence, and determination.

(iv)       Copper, ruby, gold, dhatu (inanimate objects like miner­als and metals), woo1, positive, heat, summer, dry, fire, temple, Shiva temple, forest, wood, thorny plants, months of June and July, dark red, orange colour, square shaped, numbers 1 and 4, east, mountains, sharpness, bank of a river, chemicals, thick cloth, wheat, medicine, fortress, child of a coward, noon, quadrupeds, lion, horse, boar, Saurastra, and Kalinga (Orissa).

(v)        Rudra, mantras, Yoga, Brahrma, truth, purity of the mind, and self realisation.

(vi)       The Sun represents a half year. It rises with hind part first.

It presides over Danda (Punishment).

(vii) Magistrates, masters, medical practitioners, doctors, phy­sician, kshatriya (warrior caste), and goldsmiths.

  1. Sun causes heat and burning in the body, sun stroke, and diseases in the heart, skin, eyes and parts of the body below the navel. It also causes fevers particularly of undetermined origin.
  2. If the Sun is in an even sign and even navamsha, the native will not have good relations with his father.
  3. The Sun is powerful in the tenth house.
  4. The strength of the Sun in any horoscope shows the strength of the soul that the native is endowed with and is therefore the indicator of divinity in a man.
  5. The Sun represents the spiritual authority. The Sun and Jupiter together determine the nature of the guru (preceptor) and spiritual direction that the native is likely to take.
  6. The presence of the Sun in any house illuminates that house and accentuates the affairs of that house.
  7. (i)…If the Sun is favourable for the horoscope and aspects the Moon, the native will be fortunate and successful throughout his life.

(ii)…If a favourable Sun is associated with or is in aspect with Jupiter or Venus, the native will have strokes of good fortune every second year, especially in his 12th, 24th, 30th, and 60th years.

  1. An unfavourable Sun aspected by a malefic planet in the horoscope will cause misfortune for the native in his 45th year.
  2. The results indicated by a planet will materialize in its major-period or sub period when the Sun transits a sign of exaltation or mooltrikona of the planet, or one owned by it.
  3. If the Sun is aspected by Jupiter in a horoscope, the native will be on good terms with the government and will be favoured by the government. The extent of such favour will be determined by the nature of Jupiter for that particular nativity and its strength. Here aspect includes association.
  4. The reverse would be the case if Saturn is connected with the Sun. The native will be persecuted and troubled by the government if Saturn aspects the Sun. If Saturn is adverse for the horoscope, the troubles will be magni­fied several fold. Here aspect includes association.
  5. By nature the Sun is a malefic planet.
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