Sixth House

Significances of Sixth House

6th House

The sixth House refers to daily work, service, diet, health and physical illness, ability to figure, employees. This includes volunteer labor, government officials work, care taking, and mundane daily tasks. The sixth house extremely involves the standard of your work, the standard of the roles you perform, as opposition Associate in Nursing actual career (career is drawn by the tenth house). Daily mundane tasks embrace personal hygiene and our methodology of responding to everyday crises.

  1. This house refers to the following:

  (i)      Worries, fear of calamities, vices, cruel acts, misunderstanding with elder brother/sister, sin, and humiliation.

  (ii)     Open enemies, danger, thieves, and obstructions.

  (iii)    Wounds (caused whether by assault or by fall), disease, food and dietary habits, dysentery, swelling of any part of the body, boils, eye trouble, urinary or venereal dis­ease, colic, gout, exertion, weariness, fall from a boat, death at the hands of an enemy, and fighting in a battle.

  (iv)    Arms and weapons. Sharp edged instruments. Surgery.

  (v)     Step mother. Maternal uncle. Kinsmen and native’s rela­tions with them.

  (vi)    Foreigners and people of different faith and culture.

  (vii)   Kidneys and intestines. Right part of the chin, right part of the stomach, and right calf depending on the first, second or the third drekkan that contains the cusp of this house.

  (viii)  Debt, and receiving charity. Pet animals.

  (ix)    Competition. Competitive examination.

  (x)     Untimely meals.

  (xi)    Poison.

  (xii)   Service, daily jobs, work, subordinates and servants. Also those acts the native has to do against his wishes.

  (xiii)  Tenants on native’s agricultural land or in his house.

  (xiv)  Prison.

  (xv)   Industries, public health, sanitation, and working class.

  (xvi)  Trance.

  1. If the sixth and tenth houses are connected, or their owners are friendly and related to each other in some manner and the owner of the sixth house is powerful, the native follows his father’s profession.
  2. This house represents the vocation of the native that he adopts to meet his needs, or by the force of circumstances. It is not what he would like to do or a vocation that is ideally suited to his taste.
  3. Naturally malefic planets here are strong and give the ability to defeat enemies but are bad for health and make the native struggle in life.
  4. The owners of the sixth, eighth and eleventh houses, Mars and Ketu, and their dispositors are planets that are responsible for accidents and injuries.
  5. The owner of the sixth house, Saturn and Rahu are significances for illness. The influence of these planets on any house causes disease relating to parts of the body represented by that house. If Saturn becomes the owner of the sixth house it becomes more representative of disease. If Rahu occupies the sixth house of which the Saturn is the owner, such a Saturn is an extremely potent significance of illness.
  6. As discussed in the previous paragraph, Saturn and Rahu are significances of disease. The Sun is the karaka for health and represents doctors and physicians. The sixth house is not only representative of disease but also represents weapons (including sharp edged instruments) and surgery. The third and eleventh houses are representative of the arms of the man. The third house represents the right hand, the eleventh the left. Incidentally, if the third house is more powerful than the eleventh, the man will be right-handed, otherwise left-handed. Now, if a powerful owner of either of the two houses representing arms is related to the sixth house, it shall be indicative of the fact that the native will wield weapons (including sharp edged instruments). Weapons can be used by criminals, uniformed forces, doctors etc. How to distinguish whether the native will be a doctor, criminal or a member of uniformed force etc.? It may be considered in the following manner:

  (a)     If the eighth or the twelfth house is also involved alongwith the above two houses in the relationship, and there is no beneficial influence, the native is likely to be a person who uses weapons to cause death or loss to others. He is therefore likely to be a robber or a mur­derer.

  (b)     If the relationship of the two houses does not involve the eighth or the twelfth house or if one of these two houses is involved, the relationship has powerful beneficial in­fluence, the native is likely to wield weapons for a good cause and may be in a uniformed service.

  (c)      When the combination mentioned in (b) above also involves the Sun, Saturn and Rahu or at least two of the three, the native will wield weapons for a good cause connected with health and disease. He will be a doctor or a surgeon.

  (d)     When the owner of the sixth house or Mars is more powerful than the planets out of the three listed above which are involved in the combination, the native will be a surgeon, otherwise a physician.

  (e)      Needless to say that a person can only be a doctor or a surgeon if he has had a good education. Therefore, the significators for education and learning, viz., Jupiter and Mercury, should not be weak in the horoscope.

  (f)      If they are weak, the native shall be a rural quack.

  1. Planets is the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses and planets having sambandha with the owner of the sixth house will also be the significators of diseases.
  2. When the first, second, and the eleventh houses have adverse influence and the owner of the sixth house is related to the second house the native incurs heavy expenditure and gets indebted.
  3. Mars for Gemini ascendant is a powerful representative of this house as it is also the owner of the eleventh house. If it is located in the fifth house it makes the native suffer from thefts.
  4. A powerful and beneficial planet in this house together with Ketu makes the man have mighty enemies. A naturally beneficial planet which is a favourable planet for the chart placed here will tend to increase the number of enemies.
  5. Beneficial planets here make a native gain through subor­dinates, malefic planets indicate losses due to and through them and expenses incurred on them.
  6. If the owner of this house is located in the eighth house, and is weak it causes serious physical trouble in its sub-period in the major-period of the weak owner of the second, seventh, eighth, or the twelfth house. Therefore we must be careful when we pronounce good results on the basis of Vipareet Rajyogas involving the owner of the sixth house. See paragraph 26 under the opening remarks.
  7. This house refers to disease, the twelfth house to hospitalisation and the eleventh house being twelfth from the twelfth house and sixth from the sixth house refers to recovery from disease.
  8. Disease is likely to trouble the native during the period of the planet in this house or the planet in sambandha with the owner of this house.
  9. Mercury in this house indicates that the native has fads regarding food, Mars indicates a tendency to overeat, Jupiter here is good for health, Moon shows fondness for liquids and spirits especially if the sign in this house is also a watery one, Venus here shows liking for good food and drink and danger from excesses, and Saturn here leads to malnutrition.
  10. For foreign influence eleventh house and Rahu should also be examined. The influence of owners of this and the eleventh house and Rahu on any house makes the concerned aspect of life have a foreign element in it.
  11. Successful raising of loans in favour of the native can only be possible if beneficial planets are connected with the sixth house and its owner.
  12. (a) The affairs of the house, the owner of which joins the owner of the sixth house in the eighth house, will suffer a serious set back in the sub-period of the owner of the concerned house in the major-period of the owner of the sixth house. For example if the owner of the second house joins the owner of the sixth house in the eighth house, then in the sub-period of the owner of the second house and in the major-period of the owner of the sixth house, the native will have serious setback in his affairs pertain­ing to the second house.

  (b)     Similar results can be expected in the sub-period of the owner of a house in the major-period of the owner of the sixth house, in case the owner of the house is located in the sixth house and the owner of the sixth house is placed in the eighth.

  1. Following are some combinations for specific ailments:

  (a)     (i)      If the owner of sixth house is situated in the first or the eighth house with malefic planets it causes boils.

            (ii)     Boils, wounds etc. are also caused by placement of Mars or Ketu in the sixth or the eighth house.

  (b)     (i)     If the owner of sixth house is associated with the owner of the first house and the Sun anywhere in the horoscope it causes fever.

            (ii)     Fever is also caused if the Sun is placed in the sixth or the eighth house.

  (c)      If the owner of sixth house joins the owner of the first and Jupiter it ensures good health for the native, but for a married female native it will indicate illness to her husband.

  (d)     If the owners of the first and sixth houses join Venus it signifies illness to wife.

  (e)      Conjunction of owners of the first and sixth houses with Rahu or Ketu causes the native to suffer losses through thefts and he would be prone to danger from snakes.

  (f)      If the conjunction referred to in (e) above takes place in an angular house it indicates serious throat trou­ble.

  (g)     If the owner of the sixth house joins Mars and does not have any beneficial aspect it indicates disease in male genitals.

  (h)     If the owner of the seventh house joins Venus in the sixth house the wife of the native would be frigid.

  (i)      If the combination mentioned in (h) above occurs in an angular house it indicates that the native would be imprisoned.

  (j)      If the owner of the sixth house aspects the first house and Mars is located in the badhakasthan or that ascendant, it means the native will suffer from occult practices performed against him by his enemies.

  (k)     If the Sun and the Moon are in the second or the twelfth house and are aspected by Mars and Saturn, the native will suffer from eye trouble. Any of the luminaries in one of these houses aspected by at least one of the two malefic planets referred to above will be able to cause trouble in the concerned eye which is indicated by the location of the luminary. Powerful affliction by these malefic planets may result in loss of sight in the eye. The second house indicates the right eye and the twelfth the left.

  (1)     Malefic planets occupying or aspecting the houses of sight will cause eye trouble.

  (m)    The third (right ear) and eleventh houses (left ear) and Jupiter when afflicted by Mars and Saturn will cause troubles in the ears or with hearing.

  (n)     Mars in, or any malefic influence on, the fifth house will cause trouble in the stomach.

  (o)     Venus in the sixth, seventh or eighth house will 1w responsible for troubles in the reproductive or uri­nary system.

  (p)     The owner of the sixth house in the seventh or the eighth house; or, the owner of the eighth house in the seventh will cause troubles in the rectum or excreto­ry system.

  1. A house aspected or occupied by a naturally malefic planet which is also a malefic planet for the horoscope will cause damage or trouble in that part of the body which is indicated by the concerned house.
  2. The rules for determining relationship between the native and a relative of his are recorded in paragraph 32 under FIRST HOUSE. If we wish to determine the relations that are likely to exist between the native and his maternal uncle, or if we wish to know whether the native will like to have pets, we should apply these rules to the sixth house.

23.          When the owners of the first and the sixth houses are associated with or have sambandha with Sattirn in an angular or triangular house, the native is likely to be imprisoned.

Names: Dveshi, Astra, Bheeti, Duskriti, Avagya, Agha, Aji, Gyati, Anga, Roga, Shastra, Bhay, Ripu, Kshat, Matul, Vairi.

Relatives: Paternal relation, dispute with coborns, maternal uncle, misunderstanding with coborns.

Human Body: Belly, waist, Navel region, chest.

Diseases: Venereal disease, wound, injury, disease, chronic eye disease, dysentery, madness, urinary disease, weariness, ulcer of the VD, phlegm, swelling, tuberculosis, eye troubles, sanitation, dietetics, hygiene, untimely Danger from manes of the dead, poison.

Persons: Strength of enemy and clan, enemy’s delight, enmity with many; tenants, enmity with servants, cousins.

Professions: Artisan, service.

Actions: Arrest, imprisonment, a fall from boat, mental torture, defamation, accepting alms, fight, cruel deeds, wars, sin, a wicked act, battle, help of ordinary service to others, physical exercise.

Abstracts: Decline, demotion, suspicion, anxiety, worry, anguish, alarm, doubt, obstacles, sorrow, criticism in big way, reproach, calamity, depravity from art, protection of own prestige, fetters of feet tastes, debt, fear, humiliation, voices, loss, superstition, hindrance to work, dejected mind, blame, difficulty, grief through women, loss of honour, phenomenal magic, matters likely to bring worry/ annoyance, borrowings.

Qualities: Miserliness, the six flavours, forgetfulness.

Animals: Pets belonging to native.

Eatables: Pickles, jams, sweets, grains, cooked rice, difficulty to acquire meal.

Objects: Arms, labour, heat, herbs, fire.

National: Sanitation, public health, industries, working class.

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