Second House

Significances of Second House

2nd House

The second House refers to your own cash and possessions, what you worth, your hidden skills, sense of self-worth, shallowness (how you worth yourself, rather than describing your temperament as within the first House). Possessions embrace something someone owns (except the house/home that is dominated by the fourth House): cars, furniture, clothing, transferable property, investments and securities, etc. The second house specifies however you gain and pay your own cash (as opposition other’s cash within the eighth house), your perspective towards wealth and material possessions, and your potential for accumulating it/them.

  1. This house refers to the following:

   (i)         Wealth, acquisition, purchase and sale of goods, jewels, clothes, perfumes, efforts for acquisition of wealth, mi­serliness, financial status, gains and losses from depen­dents, earning from right or wrong sources, and financial success in career.

   (ii)        Law suits. Administration and governing. Status in life

   (iii)       Family, and relations with family members, persons close to the native and all those who are to be fed and maintained by the native.

   (iv)       Death. This is a more powerful maraka house than the seventh.

   (v)        Childhood, schooling and early educational matters.

   (vi)       Face, cheek, chin, nose, tongue, nails, teeth, and lips. If the first drekkan is rising, this house indicates the right eye. If second dreklcan is rising on the cusp of this house, it refers to the right shoulder. If the drekkan rising is the third, it refers to right side of genitals and anus.

   (vii)      Oral knowledge and speech. Truthfulness.

   (viii)     Nature of education. Early or school education.

   (ix)       Food and drink. Appetite. Taste both with respect to food and art.

   (x)        Cheerfulness, and fixity of the mind. Imagination. Gen­erosity.

   (xi)       Second marriage. The time of marriage, description of second partner, and the state of such married life.

   (xii)      Mother’s elder brother/sister.

   (xiii)     Wife’s longevity.

  1. This house indicates accumulated wealth. Ketu represents a flag and therefore height. If a beneficial planet for the chart together with Ketu is located in its own sign in this house it shows that the native will have immense wealth. On the other hand owner of the sixth, eighth or the twelfth house in the second house can lead to dissipation of accumulated wealth.
  2. Powerful owners of the second and the fifth houses connect­ed with a powerful Venus indicate musical ability.
  3. The owner of this house invests any matter that it influences with worth. If such an owner happens to be Jupiter which is a karaka for worth, then it becomes doubly effective to do so.
  4. The native is a drunkard if this house and the Moon are connected with Saturn and Rahu which are adverse for the chart.
  5. The native becomes wealthy if this house or its owner is connected with owner of the eleventh house or Jupiter.
  6. The native suffers from dogbite if:

   (i)         an afflicted Saturn is in the second house, or,

   (ii)        the owner of the second house is associated with or aspected by an adverse Saturn for the chart, or,

   (iii)       a malefic planet is located at or near 80 degrees 13 minutes 6 seconds (this is not related to the second house. It can be anywhere in the chart.).

  1. Affliction of this house by separative planets (The Sun, Rahu Saturn, owner of the twelfth house, and the dispositors of these planets) leads to separation of the native from his parents in childhood.
  2. As recorded earlier, this house refers to the nature of education a native will receive. Saturn and Rahu are significators of disease. The Sun is the karaka for health and represents doctors and physicians. Therefore if at least two of these three planets influence this house, the native is likely to study the subject of disease and health.
  3. When the owner of the second house is placed in a good house or the second house has relationship with a good house, and the significators of education namely Jupiter and Mercury have at least average strength, the native will do well at school and will excel himself at all examinations and tests in his early classes.

Names: Kosh, Dhan, Vak, Arth, Bhukti, Nayan, Swa, Kutumba, Asya, Annapan, Patrika.

Relatives: Gift by younger brother to native.

Human Body: Face, mouth, right eye, nails, nose, life force, tongue, Speech, cheeks, chin, teeth, living power,

Persons: Friendship, dependants, friends, servants.

Professions: Sale and purchase of gold, pearl; source of income, efforts related to finance; sale and purchase of cloth, diamond, precious stone, pearls, copper; trade in domestic articles, livelihood through others.

Actions: Nourishing others.

Abstracts: Wealth, education, document,letter, accumulated wealth, belief in God, truth or false, help, money lent money borrowed, receipt of cheques, money left in trust, money employed in speculation, belief in sacred traditions, lawsuits, liberal mind, self-earned money.

Childhood, boyhood.

Qualities: Talkativeness, imagination, soft speech, memory, charitableness, capacity of clear oratory, aptitude for music, stability/firmness of mind, lustre, splendour, modesty, obstinacy, politeness, steadiness of mind, keeping one’s words.

Animals: Horses.

Eating: Snacks, eatables, food drink, eating.

Objects: Metals, goods, precious stones, minerals possessed, aggarbatti, grains, gold, nine gems, nine kind of grains.

Places: Bank, treasury, gems/wealth depository, nine worlds.

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