Significations of Saturn

Names: Krishna, Surya, Putra, Sanaischara, Kala, Chayasuta, Taranitanay, Chayasoonu, Aarki, Mand, Dyumanisut, Sauri, Kapilaksha, Deergha, Pangu, Chhayatmaj, Yama, Arkputra, Asit, Shani, Neel, Kon, Kroor, Mridu, Paatangi, Krishang, Kroorlochan, Krod, Dukh.

Letters: pa pha bh bha ma.

Nature and Form: Lean, weak bodied, big teeth, yellow eyes, lazy, lame, rough hair, Dhatu, (material) planet, Shishira, air, astringent in taste, weak, dark in form, wind in his composition, deep eyes, lean and tall body full of arteries and veins, cruel, having no pity, dull-headed, large nails, teeth; stiff hair and limbs, dirty, of sinful disposition, fierce, ripe with old age, a personification of anger, wears a black garment.

Saturn’s neutral is Jupiter; Mercury and Venus are friends; Sun, Moon and Mars are the enemies. Saturn is exalted at 20 degree of Libra, initial 20 degree of Aquarius are Mooltrikona, subsequent 10 and Capricorn are his own signs.

The Tortoise, the incarnation of God was from Saturn. It was Jeevamsa and Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit) combined incarnation.

Diety: Brahma, Kala (Yama).

Relatives: Dead relations, danger to wife and children.

Human Body: Wind, longevity, cause of death, death, bones, articulations, spleen, left ear, calves, knees, secretive system, liver teeth, skin, vagus nerve, bone structure, legs and feet, lymphatics, distal part of the colon and rectum.

Diseases: Gout, fainting, swoon, injury to ribs, excess of internal heat, paralysis of legs, mental aberration, blow from wood or stone, weariness, stomach-ache, windy disorder, chronic hurts, disease, bruises, falls, drowsiness, sickness, death, hysteria, rheumatism, cold, chronic and incurable diseases, insanity, glandular diseases, tumours, exhaustion and fatigue, idiocy, cancers, stomach troubles, melancholy, depression, injuries from the fall of trees and stones.

Dangers: Trouble from foul goblins, unforeseen dangers.

Persons: Old persons, widow, rogues, wicked, lowly, unclean persons, thieves, friendship with bad people, low people, labourer, desertion of servants, prisoners, eunuch, tormentor of others, foolish, servant, lowly female, slave, hurts, to women and children, friendship.

Professions: Livelihood, profession, vocation, birds-killers, oil merchants, pig-keepers, service, low occupations, miners, coal merchants, plumbers, jailers, falls from position, sextons, grave-diggers, undertakers, watchmen, priests, monks, nuns, underground workers, humble professions like tilling, mill-worker, witchcraft, renunciants, philosopher, wardens, craftsmen, excavator, architects, building contractors, masons, real estate business, land and property dealers, ice-making, timepieces, coffin and tomb makers, farm and factory labour.

Actions: Worldly pleasure, travel, liquor drinking, discomforts of imprisonment, lowly deeds, gambling, degradation, humiliation, censure, imprisonment, battles.

Abstracts: Happiness, obstacles, solitude, bad, sinister feelings, defeat, misery, reproach, debts, servitude, misfortune, poverty, sin, mental anguish, fear, constancy, death, sorrow, greed, poverty, darkness, fatalities, hurts to women and children, friendship, decay, delay, impediment, defect, secret, long ties, melancholy moods.

Qualities: Perversity, ignorance, stupefaction, cruel, evil-minded, adamant, ill-disposed, swindling, makes independent, miserly, secretive, cautious, governed by habit.

Animals: Buffalo, donkey, ass, camel, serpent.

Plant Life: Ugly plants, corns, black gram, thorny and sapless trees, sesamum, barley, black grain, inferior cereal, hemp, sesame, leguminous seeds, plantains.

Objects: Iron, lead, blanket, tin, agricultural implements, corpses, chemicals, weapon of defence, oil, clay pots, chains, shoe, hides, leather goods, coal and fuel of every kind, petrol.

Places: Heap of dirt, rags, cemetery, prison.


  1. It is tall and lean with big and defective teeth and coarse hair. It is lame and lazy. It is dark in complexion, has sunken eyes and prominent veins. It is old, tamasik, dirty, foolish, miserly, and contentious. It is a eunuch. It is irritable. It dresses in dark blue or black clothes. Its vehicle is an ox. It is fixed.
  2. Its RELATIONSHIP with other planets is as follows:

                        Friendly with                                 Mercury


                        Neutral to                                       Jupiter

                        Inimical to                                     Sun



  1. It is the KARAKA for the following:

   Longevity, death, disease, misery, fear, humiliation, fall (from a high position or from a height), poverty, misdeeds, debt, sorrow and agriculture.

  1. It REPRESENTS the following:

   (i)         Buffalo, air, lead, service, slavery, imprisonment, loss, fate, steel, property particularly agricultural land, limita­tion, contraction, separation, cold, dark, slow, dull, ob­struction, delay, blue sapphire, severe winter, stone, rock, burial and cremation grounds, dirty places, labour, hard work, deserted places, gutters, slums, jails, long acting, chronic, Lord Brahma, skin, oil, west, sudra (the lowest caste), woollen cloth, birds, learning of foreign languages, and things buried deep underground.

   (ii)        Discipline, asceticism, solitude, ugliness, perversity, de­tachment, worry, pessimism, depression, fear, anxiety, miserliness, selfishness, crime, paranoia, concentration, eye for detail, sobriety, harsh, hard hearted, and black colour.

   (iii)       Nerves, teeth, paralysis, numbness, windy diseases, chron­ic and degenerative disease, cancer, senility, impotence in men, arthritis, obstruction in the functions of the body like retention of urine, intestinal obstruction etc., shin and part of leg between ankle and knee, dark complex­ion, pain, the tendency to look down while talking, colds, chills, asthma, paralysis, rheumatism, age from 69 to 108 years and also 36 years of age.

   (iv)       Farmers, gardeners, servants, sweepers, agriculturists, and menials.

   (v)        Lameness, exhaustion due to very hard work, mental confusion, trouble from servants, injury, worry.

   (vi)       It represents Moola (plants, creepers, grass, trees etc.). It is inclined to Bheda (tact and diplomacy). It stands for the region from the Ganga to the Himalayas.

   (vii)      The sense of touch.

  1. Saturn by nature is a malefic planet. It rises with hind part first. It is powerful in the seventh house.
  2. Jupiter stands for creation and expansion, Saturn for de­struction, separation and contraction.
  3. A bad or afflicted Saturn, or influence of such Saturn on the ascendant or the Moon sign can make a man look prematurely old.
  4. If an adverse Saturn is connected with Mars or Ketu, it makes the native a criminal, pervert, or an evil minded person.
  5. (i) Saturn is inimical to the Sun and the Moon and has an eclipse like influence on them.

   (ii)        A powerful Jupiter can really balance its influence. (iii) Mercury and Venus can take away the grosser as­pects of Saturn.

  1. Saturn does not prove to be that baneful to the house it occupies as to the houses that it aspects.
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