Significations of Rahu

Names: Swarbhaanu, Vidhuntud, Pata, Bhujanga, Ahi, Tam, Agu, Asura, Sarp, Phani, Sainhikeya.

Nature: Astringent taste, male, tamasic, mid-day, legless, old, movable, strong at the end of a sign and in the company of Sun or Moon, smoky in hue, wild, intellingent, windy temperament, 8 months, variegated, spotted coloured apparel Dhatu (material) planet, black in colour, tall in stature, heretic, devoid of intelligence, got skin disease, hiccups, leprosy; reviles others, uncleanness, airy, incendiary in nature.

Parashar holds Taurus as exaltation sign of Rahu and others the Gemini sign. The correct view seems to be the mutual border of the two sign i.e. last degree of Taurus(30 degree) as the exaltation point because Rahu is held to be the strongest when he enters a sign and he enters sign from the last degree because of retrograde motion.

Mercury, Saturn and Venus are the friends of Rahu as well as Ketu. Mars is neutral to them. The rest are enemies.

The wild Boar, the incarnation of God was from Rahu. He was fully Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit)

Deity: Adishesha.

Relatives: People who are discredit to the family, paternal grandfather.

Diseases: Palpitation of heart, leprosy, mental aberration, pain in the legs, epidemics, plague, cancer, skin diseases, eczema, eruptions, boils, fear of poisoning, sudden accidents, death by hanging or suffocation, incurable ailments, diseases in the feet, debility, hiccups, insanity, leprosy, haemorrhoids, chronic boils and ulcer, fever, smallpox, faining, formidable diseases, accident.

Dangers: Danger from artificial poisoning, goblins, snakes, injury to limbs, clumsiness, unfounded fears, phobias, snakebite.

Persons: Primitive tribe, Muslims, untouchables, residents of mountain tops, areas, caves, Shudras, cruel, lowly, angry, ugly looking, miserable persons, ingrates, crippled, maimed persons, killers and eaters of jackal flesh, hypocrites, thieves, unclean, dirty, irreligious, person fallen from righteousness, crowd, men of infamous character, scientists, mob.

Professions: Boxers, wrestlers, talebearers, spies, people who live underground, aerial navigation, theatrical profession.

Actions: Digging well, stone breaking, wood cutting, changing religion, being sent to forest, abandoning household, illicit relation with a widow, renunciation, banishment, exile, travel, emigration, homosexuality, rebellion, war, litigation, thieving, robbery, imprisonment, riot, revolt, murdering, execution, spying, violence, duplicity, political plots, cheating, irreligious and antisocial practices, divorces, hunting, assault, corruption, invasion, adventures.

Abstracts: Fame, honour, loss, hidden meaning, valour, strength, secrecy, secret doctrine, duplicity, falsehood, darkness, Goddess Durga and Vishnu control over Rahu.

Animals: Demons, creatures who sleep too much, venomous snakes, venomous reptiles.

Plant Life: Black gram.

Objects: Canopy, lead, old garment, potions, poisons and chemicals, heavy machinery, telegraph, radio, inflammable gases, iron.

Places: Cremation ground, anthill, a chas, barren land, graveyards, tombs, tunnels.


The Nodes, called Rahu and Ketu in Hindu astrology, are points of intersection between the path of the Moon and the apparent path of the Sun in the sky. They are not physical heavenly bodies, but their importance in predictive astrology is well established.

  1. It has a head without a normal body. It is fearful to look at. Its body is that of a serpent and is amorphous. It is tamasik, dark in complexion and thievish by nature. Its vehicle is a lion.
  2. It is by nature a malefic planet. When it is not under the influence of another planet, it acts like Saturn. It rises hind part first.
  3. Its RELATIONSHIP with other planets is as follows:

             Friendly with….     Mercury , Venus , Saturn

             Neutral to                                  Jupiter

             Inimical to…….      Sun , Moon , Mars

  It is exalted in Taurus, its mooltrikona sign is Gemini, and it owns Aquarius 4. It is the KARAKA for the following: Gambling, social or political movements, outcastes, reptiles, snakes, snake-bite, widow, and swelling in the body.

  1. It REPRESENTS the following:

  (i)      Disease, cancer, mysterious diseases, insanity, general unhappiness, psychic disturbances, possession by discarnate supernatural beings, epidemics, alcoholism, drug induced maladies, illusion, hallucinations, dark complexion, tendency to look downwards while talking, skin diseases, pain in the body, hiccups, Rahu represents very old age and also age of 48 years.

  (ii)     Gomed, south west wild tribes, foreigners, non-Hindus, Buddhists, riots, general disorders, social unrests, travels abroad, theft, old and bad women, mass trends, diplo­macy, wickedness, execution, exile, aviation, paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother.

  (iii)    Heart trouble, leprosy, mental confusion, pain or injury in the feet and reptile bite.

  1. Since the Nodes are capable of overcoming the Sun and the Moon by obstructing their light they are stronger than any other planet in the nativity.
  2. Rahu is considered to be like Saturn. It is stronger than Saturn. Saturn is the Greater Malefic. Therefore Rahu is the strongest malefic planet.
  3. Whenever Rahu or Ketu has sambandha with a planet it takes on the power of the planet and magnifies it.
  4. When Rahu has sambandha with the Moon and the other factors representing the mind (Mercury, the fourth house and its owner), or influences them, insanity, criminal tendency, posses­sion by disincarnate supernatural entities, psychic and psychological disturbances, drug taking, alcoholism and neurological problems are likely to arise. Mere sambandha between badly placed Rahu and an adverse Moon without any beneficial influ­ence is also likely to lead to these conditions.
  5. Rahu has the power to obstruct and darken the Moon which represents the mind.
  6. Rahu influencing the Sun can cause indecisiveness, warped imagination and illusions about the self….
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