Aspects of Rahu

The Effects of Rahu on other Planets

The effect of Rahu with the SUN

This is not good for the Sun if Rahu is adverse. Matters indicated by the Sun will suffer a setback. The native may have trouble from the government, highly placed persons, or he may not get along with his father or elders of the family. His health may be disturbed and general vitality will below. He may have heart trouble. He may find success eluding him in his ventures. His children may face difficulties.

  (i)      The effect of Rahu with the Sun in the first, third, fifth or the twelfth house is favourable, if Rahu is not adverse. The association of Rahu and the Sun in the second house may lead the native to penury.

  (ii)     If Rahu has effect with the Sun in the fourth house the native will face problems with regard to his property and children. He will have trouble from the enemies. He will migrate elsewhere.

  (iii)    This combination in the seventh house leads to marital discord, or loss of wealth due to women.

  (iv) This combination in the eighth house shortens the lon­gevity, provided the Sun is adverse for the chart.

  (v)     This combination in the ninth house gives higher knowl­edge and journeys abroad.

  (vi)    This combination in the tenth house raises the native to a high position, but it eventually makes the career a failure. The native has a chequered career.

  (vii)   This combination of the Sun and Rahu in the eleventh house is good.

  (viii)  Such effects are especially bad in Aries, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius.

  (ix)    The Sun having effect with Rahu in Leo is favourable but the native will have bad relations with his father.

Effect between Rahu and the MOON

 is generally not good. The native will be under an apprehension of the likelihood of something untoward happening to him (see para­graph 38 below). He may be mentally depressed. He may suffer from a circulatory or digestive disease. He may face troubles from women.

  (i)      We have to be careful with respect to this combination in the first or fourth house. It is very likely to cause mental aberrations in the native. When the combination takes place in the fourth house, the native may face serious health or mental problems in his 20th year of life.

  (ii)     This effect taking place in the third house leads to early death of the mother or of sister’s husband.

  (iii)    The Moon located in the eighth house and having effect with Rahu is an indication of serious balarista. The 20th day after birth will be critical. If the native survives, he will be sickly in his early years.

Effect of Rahu with MARS …

  The effect of Rahu with Mars brings out the violent tendencies in the latter. The native may have uncontrollable anger. It may also develop suicidal inclination in the native. However, when Mars and Rahu are favourable for the chart, the adverse results of the effect will only manifest in the form of anger. The native may have a heightened libido. Some impor­tant effect positions are stated as below:

  (i)      In the third house it is an indication that the native is either the eldest brother or the eldest has not survived.

  (ii)     Such a combination in the fourth house leads to losses unless Mars is a beneficial planet for the ascendant and Rahu is well placed.

  (iii)    Such a combination in the fifth house is an indicator that the native would either not have a male issue or he would lose it early in life. The same result can be expected if Rahu is in effect with Mars through exchange of signs or through aspect.

  (iv)    Such a combination in the seventh house is an indication that the native had premarital affairs or has more than one wife.

  (v)     Such a combination in the eighth house spoils the health of the native, and may cause his death by poison or bite of a poisonous insect.

  (vi)    Such a combination in the second, tenth, or the eleventh house can lead to amassing of wealth through question­able means.

Effect of Rahu with MERCURY

The native may have a sharp intellect and good power to communicate, when both the planets are favourable, He may also have an inclination to gamble and speculate. Some important effects in  positions are stated as below:

  (i)      In the fourth house gives gains, honour, high position and wealth but in Pisces the results are just the reverse,

  (ii)     In the fifth house it is not good for mental health of the native,

  (iii)    In the sixth, eighth or the twelfth house causes an undiagnosable disease, insanity or nervous disorder.

  (iv)    Such a combination in the seventh house will lead to a highly disturbed married life.

Effects of Rahu with JUPITER

  This effects is productive of good results many a time. The native may be very learned, wise or wealthy. He may have exceptional legal ability. Some important effects positions are stated as below:

  (i)      In the first, fourth, fifth or the ninth house in a favourable sign, it takes the native to a very high position and makes him wealthy.

  (ii)     This combination in the fifth house can cause the wife to miscarry, or death of children.

  (iii)    This combination in the eighth house gives stomach trouble and a mark near the navel of the native.

  (iv)    This combination anywhere in the horoscope, unless well aspected or both the planets being favourable to the chart, causes distaste for religion in the native.

Effects of Rahu with VENUS 

This is an adverse influence on Venus unless Rahu is good for the chart, and may distort the attitude of the native to healthy sex, relationship with women and marriage. Some important effects in positions are stated as below:

  (i)      In the, fourth house gives property, wealth, harmony, comforts and cordial relations with relatives.

  (ii)     This effect is bad in the third, sixth, seventh, eighth and twelfth houses.

Effects of Rahu with SATURN

This is not a good combination for native’s health.

  (i)      In the ascendant it indicative of the fact that native’s mother had a difficult child birth. It also signifies that the native would suffer from poor health in childhood and would get hurt in his early years several times.

  (ii)     Such a effect in an adverse house will give tenden­cy to commit suicide and a criminal bent of mind.

  (iii)    The effect taking place in the fourth house may prove troublesome. There may be imbalance or disturbance of mind. It is also bad for the mother.

  (iv)    It is bad if placed in the ninth house. Here it gives displeasure of the government, parents and the native may be forced to migrate elsewhere.

  (v)     When the combination takes place in the tenth house, the native may reach a high position if the two planets are favourable for the chart but it is also indicative of the fact that the native may suffer a fall from a high position.

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