Mercury in Houses

Effect of Mercury in various HOUSES


He will have charm, and will be happy, calm, sharp, witty -intelligent, friendly, learned and eloquent. He may master sev­eral languages. He will be long lived, handsome, slender and tall. He will delve in several subjects in depth particularly astrology, engineering, mathematics, magic etc. He will have a well devel­oped business acumen. If there is influence of Saturn or of a Node of the Moon on Mercury in the first house, the native may suffer from nervous disorders. Such an influence can also cause skin disorders. The native may live away from the place of his birth. His marital life may be satisfactory. The spouse may be beautiful. His younger sister/brother will be wealthy and will have hap­piness from his children. His mother will be prosperous and of good and religious conduct. His children may write books, be learned or in diplomatic service. They may engage in profitable international trade or in goods from abroad, or be successful brokers. His mother’s younger sister/brother will be well placed, have a large family and live long. The spouse may be long lived. In a female’s chart, Mercury in the first house may indicate that her husband may not be able to satisfy her sexually. The native’s father may be highly and well placed in life.


The native will be well-educated, learned and very wealthy. He can be a poet, a teacher, a commission agent, an owner of presses or bookshops, or a writer. He may do well at business. He will be able to express himself pleasantly and well. He will gener­ally not tell lies. He will gain through correspondence, trade, brokerage and advertisements. He will have a large family. If the planet is weak the native will lose through thefts and fraud. When the eighth house is also powerful, there is a possibility that the native may get wealth through death of a senior member of the family. His younger sister/brother may either languish at a paltry position in life or his education may suffer; if he succeeds in getting to a good position, he is likely to lose it later. The native’s mother will have a large circle of female friends and she may be well off in life. His children, particularly the first child will be highly intelligent and of good conduct. The children will do well in life. If Mercury is well and powerfully placed in the second house, the native’s father may not suffer from enemies ad will not get involved in litigation. Such a Mercury will also be helpful to the elder sister/brother of the native to lead a happy and contented life, and be close to the mother.


The native will have a reasonably long span of life. He will have good relations with his younger brothers/sisters. He will be mentally alert and active and succeed in literary activities. He may have several hobbies. He will have trading acumen and will be prepared to take risks. He will work hard. He will travel a lot, particularly if the sign in the third house is a movable one. He will be proficient in science. The native will be religiously in­dined and he will not deviate from the path of righteousness. It will give results of its placement in the first house to the younger sister/brother of the native. His mother may have beautiful eyes. His children and elder sister/brother will be highly placed and wealthy and they in their turn will have good children. His wife will be a lady of learning and good conduct. If the owner of the ninth house is not inimical to Mercury, his father will be close to his younger sister/brother.


The native will like travelling and meeting people. He would be well educated and can talk well. He will be at a powerful position. This position indicates that the native will change his residence several times. He will have a likable and friendly mother. His domestic life will be happy. He will like to change his vehicle often. If the planet is strong here it will make the native wealthy and he may be proficient in some art. However he is not likely to get property or wealth from parents. He will be comfortable afid contented. His conduct will not be dubious. The end of life will be peaceful. His mother may be of literary taste and may be an avid reader. His children may find that their efforts do not meet with commensurate success. His maternal uncle will be highly placed and rich. His spouse will be well behaved and well placed in life, His father may have a deep and abiding interest in the occult. His elder sister/brother may have no trouble from thieves or enemies, provided Mars is also benign and well placed in the horoscope. If the fourth house and the Moon have adverse influence, the mental health of the native may be jeopardised. Mercury in the fourth house is not consid­ered capable of giving full results.


The native will get good returns from his investments. 1-fe will have good children and he will be mild tempered, generous and always eager to learn. He will be a scholar, He may have several children. He may be sentimental and may be involved in intense love affairs. Affliction by Mars will cause dishonour due to a love affair. This position is good for amusements and entertainments. He may be an adviser, minister or an ambassador. He will be intelligent and inquisitive. He may have faith in religion and devotional practices. The mind may be speculative, and if Jupiter aspects Mercury here, the native may get rich on account of successful speculation. His income may also be from writing, publishing or amusement and clubs. His elder sister/brother may be good looking and well read. It will give results of its place­ment in the second house to his mother, and in the third house to his younger sister/brother. His father will be a decent and religious man.


It must be kept in mind that the results that this placement will give will depend on (a) how Mercury is going to influence the matters that the sixth house stands for, and how Mercury, representing the affairs of the houses that it owns and aspects, and also those of which it is the karaka, is going to be effected by its placement in an adverse house. If Mercury is under malefic influence and weak, the native will have multiplicity of enemies and they will keep changing; he will be restless, irascible, argumentative , worried and interested in matters related to health and medicine; he will suffer losses through litigation; trouble from servants is also indicated and he may get into debts. However an unafflicted Mercury well placed here will rid the native of the troubles mentioned above and he will be wealthy. The course of his education in his early years may not be uninterrupted. The native may be of worrying nature, especially if Mercury is aspected or influenced by Saturn, which may also cause him a nervous breakdown. If it is influenced by Rahu, Ketu or Mars, the native will act rashly, take on enmities and may head for some mental imbalance. Mercury will not be able to give out its best mental results here howsoever powerful it might be. It must be borne in mind that any kind of adverse influence on Mercury shall be bad for the native since it will affect the health of the native through his mind.


The native will gain through his wile. He and his wife would be intelligent, well read and fond of elegant dresses. His spouse will be much younger than him in age. She may be related to him through a distant branch of the family. She will be quick witted and smart. If Mercury has adverse influence, there may be constant tension in marital life due to her sharp tongue. Losses by way of litigation related to marriage are also indicated by this location when Mercury is under adverse influence. Marriage may take place through correspondence or may be a result of travel­ling. The native will be intuitive. When the planet is weak or is influenced by adverse factors, the native’s spouse will be an indiscreet talker and the native may not be able to sexually satisfy her. His relationships with persons coming in contact with him will be fast changing and superficial. It will give results of its placement in the fifth house to his younger sister/brother, and in the fourth to his mother. His children will do well at business, will have several interests apart from their fields of business and will travel much. When Mercury is well aspected and powerful, his maternal uncle and father will be wealthy and will talk well. His father may have a large circle of friends. His elder sister/brother will be a person of good conduct with interest in religion.


A reference may be made to initial stipulations made under the Sixth House above with regard to effect of Mercury in that house. Mercury in the eighth house does not give adverse results. The native will deal with other’s money and gain from it. He will be reputed, and enjoy good health but will have a restless mind. His education will be of an average standard. He will be interested in the occult. A powerful and well influenced Mercury may make the native reputed, long lived and a well placed magistrate. He will have a large family. He will be wealthy and may get a legacy if the eighth house is also powerful. His children will be highly educated and wealthy in case Mercury is powerful and without adverse influence. Such a Mercury is excellent for the career and conduct of his elder sister/brother. But if Mercury has adverse influence, the native will have several extra marital relationships and may suffer serious losses on account of these liaisons. He may have a tendency to have brain or nervous disorder. He may tend to worry on account of financial mismanagement caused by his business partner or wife. The native may have a difficult boyhood. It will not be good for the father. It will give results of its placement in the sixth house to his younger sister/brother and in the fifth to his mother. The native may die of intermittent fever.


The native will be highly educated, skillful, fortunate, able to express himself effectively, wealthy and religious. He will have interest in philosophy. He will have several children. It will give results of its placement in the fifth house to his children. The native will have several younger sisters/brothers with whom he will have cordial relations. It will give results of its placement in the seventh house to them. He will travel extensively both within the country and abroad. He may be scholarly and write books, or he may be a diplomat. He may be in international trade or he may buy and sell foreign goods. He will tend to do well in life after 31 years of age. He will be studious and may have to live abroad. His father will also be learned and will have a good position and respect in life. If Mercury is not under adverse influence, the native will be happy with his father, and his mother will be long lived and healthy. He will also have an interest in dancing and playing of drums. If Venus aspects or joins Mercury here, the interest in music will be heightened. His wife will also be long lived and interested in literary activity. His elder sister/brother will be rich and of friendly disposition. When Mercury is under the influence of a malefic planet or it is placed in a sign owned by such a planet, the native may change his religion or he may not be religious at all.


The native will be eloquent, happy, bold, handsome, respected, learned in several subjects, clear headed, able and very intelligent. He will continue to acquire knowledge throughout his life. If afflicted, it will make the native cunning, unreliable and given to deception. He will be famous or at least well known. He will be upright and straight forward. He will earn from several sources and will possess vehicles. Influence of Saturn will reduce wealth and make the native dishonest. He will have good houses but he may change his residence from time to time. He may serve the government. He will be successful in his chosen career and undertakings. The native can be a diplomat, railwayman, repre­sentative, surveyor, priest author, broker etc. and his best years of life would be the 12th, 32nd and 42nd. He will be happy with his children and parents. His conduct will be beyond reproach. It will give results of its placement in the eighth house to his younger sister/brother, in seventh to his mother, and in the sixth to his children.


The native will be happy, wealthy, wise, and honest. He will have a number of children and intellectual friends, particularly if the sign in the eleventh house is owned by Mercury. He can get along amicably with all kinds of people. He may have more daughters than sons. He will do well at qualifying or departmen­tal examinations. He can be good at mathematics or astrology. His sisters/brothers will be learned, wealthy and happy.


The native will lack energy, and drive. He will be miserly, and may be poorly educated since he may not have the ability to learn well. His character may not be beyond reproach and he may be put to trouble by false reports and scandals. A good Mercury will endow the native with a subtle mind capable of spiritual or metaphysical speculations. His enemies will be few and far between and his maternal uncle will do well in life. His younger sister/brother will do well in life. His mother will be religious and known for her good conduct. His children will be reputed and wealthy. His wife will be happy with her servants. If the planet has adverse influence, the native will have the ability but may not get an opportunity in life to put the ability to test or use. He may suffer from severe set back in life. He may have defect in his speech.

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