Significations of Mars

Names: Rakta, Maheeja, Kroordrik, Kshitij, Roodhir, Angarak, Kroornetra, Aavaneya, Kuja, Bhauma, Kroora, Lohitaanga, Vakra, Papi, Aar, Kshitinandan, Bhuputra, Kuputra, Gotraputra, Dharaputra, Kshamaputra, Medineej, Avanisut, Kshoniputra, Ashadabhav, Vidhuputra, Taraputra,  Subrahmanayam, Skand, Kaartikeya, Shadanan, Maheya, Hemnvit, Aangiras, Tung, Yaamininathputra, Abjapatya, Ashadabh, Kusut, Kon, Ret, Raktang.

Letters: ka kha ga gha nga.

Nature and Form: Grishma, red-eyed. Cruel hearted, unsteady, generous, bilious. angry, weak, Dhatu (material) planet, slender waist, curled and shining hair, fierce eyes, youthful appearance, cruel in nature, wrathful but exceedingly generous, wears red garment and is of a reddish hue, sexy, lustrous, reddish-fair complexioned, day, facing the south, inclination toward south, looking upward, fire, heat, shortness, fame, fickleness of mind, strong at end of night, gold, pungent, earthen fondness for red coloured thing, square, bitter in taste.

Venus and Saturn are neutrals of Mars; Mercury is his enemy; Sun, Jupiter and Moon are his friends. He is exalted up to 28 of Capricorn, initial 12, of Aries are Mooltrikona and rest of 18 degree and Scorpio are own signs.

The Narsimha, the incarnation of God was from Mars. He was fully Parmatmansa (the Absolute Spirit) incarnation.

Deity: Kartikeya, Guha (Kumara).

Human Body: Blood, bile, leanness, setting in of menses in females, clotting of blood, physical energy, prowess, sight, forehead, nose, sex organ, gall bladder, kidneys, muscles and sinews, genitals, rectum, left cerebral hemisphere, haemoglobin in blood, sense of taste, musculature and the endometrium (inner linings of the uterus), prostate gland, speech, left ear, colon, uterus, groins, testicles, pelvis of kidney.

Diseases: Wounds, madness, hurts by violence, death, burning, poisoning, wounds from fire and steel, sharp paints, fever, red leprosy, boils, wounds caused by fire, weapons, poisons, strangury, appendicitis, tonsils, serious surgical operations, goiter, vices polluting blood, disease, breaking of a limb, painful discharge of urine, loss of virility, gall stones, eruptive fevers, excessive thirst, splenic disorders, high blood pressure, itching of the skin, tissue disruptions, haemorrhoids, diseases of the uterus, abortions, miscarriages, menstrual problems, fractures, injuries, mental aberrations (of aggressive king), muscular rheumatism, cuts, tetanus, carbuncle, bleeding, malaria, erysipelas, ulcer in the intestines, inflammatory complaints, small pox, chicken pox, plague, measles.

Dangers: Trouble from sovereign, evil spirits, thieves, Gandharvas.

Relatives: Male relations, foster mother, qualities of brothers, fighting with brothers, sons, friends, foes, disappointment and dangers in marriage, family division, acquisition of illicit offspring.

Persons: City dwellers, Agnihotri, children (not progeny), killer of children, army chief, King, thieves, enemies, growth of enemies, friend, females, fool, rogue, minister, magistrate, follower, man, headman of a village, master of a garden, enemy’s strengh, flesh eater, foolish king, enmity with others.

European Sikhs, Marathas, Rajputs, Christians, Jains, Anglo-Indians.

Professions: Commander of an army, murderer, executioner, goldsmith, shepherds, sinner, those living by weapons, forester, agriculturists, beggars, command in the army, service under  a king, management of wild animals, post or position in job, smiths, workers who use sharp instruments, iron and steel or fire, soldiers, surgeons, barbers, dentists, cooks, gunners, chemist, chemists and druggists, firemen, metallurgists, armament-factories, machine tools, soldiers, police, boxers, butchers, hardware goods, locksmiths, metals, building, driving, industry.

Actions: Murder, mounting a vehicle, slander, conquest of enemy, wearing arms (for battle), God Subramanya Jap, hostility, going to a foreign place, daring act, adventures, quarrels, strife, treason, calumnies, sudden death, glory in battle, punishment, success in war, sacrifice of animals, sex, argumentation, helping women in distress, changing religion, changing public opinion positively, accidents, smuggling, thieving, crimes such as raping, violent end, heroic deeds, litigation, adultery, begging.

Qualities: Strength, cruelty, sovereignty, lordship, supremacy, capacity to digest poison, truth, valour, higher knowledge, self-respect, glow of face, sincerity, notoriety, anger, independence, self-assertion, anger, forcefulness, excitement, resolution, extravagance, tactfulness, impulse; being without deceit, patient, courage, law-abiding, industrious, irritated, liberal, revengeful; generous disposition, valour, youthful appearance, generosity, aggressiveness, firmness, affection, profundity of character, persistence, tendency,  prowess, ambitions, passions, energy; makes cynical, fearless, demonstrative, witty, expert, impulsive, independent, given to reforms and to destructiveness, easy to anger.

Animals: Cat, vultures, eagle, cock, pigeons, elephants, goat, poisonous insects, tiger, lion, serpent, quadruped.

Good dinner.

Plant Life: Bamboo, Dhal, thorny plants, chilly, pepper plants, red lotus, a tree, coffee, tea, cashew nut, tobacco, walnut, pine, betel-nut, ginger, garlic, groundnut, mustard, nux vomica, gentian, toddy, coriander,

Equipments: War material, bomber planes, torpedo, cruisers, battle tanks, lance, Sataghni, iron spade or hatchet, sword, axe, spear, guns, Bhindapal, big vehicles.

Objects: Burnt clothes, gold, jewel, tin, house, product from earth, spirit, rocket oil, petrol, nitric, acetic, arsenic, iodine, phosphorous, sulphur, poison, mineral, product from earth, battle fire, weapons, land, ruby, copper, mercury, gold, stone, Sama Veda, a beautiful cloth, immovable property.

Places: Burnt place, Durbar Hall, fire place, kitchen, treasury, mines of metals, fort, prison, earth, residence in hill.


  1. Mars is masculine, short in stature, and has a thin waist. It has reddish brown eyes, and is powerfully built. Its hair are short and shining, and it is red and shining in appearance. It is courageous, a skilful speaker, tamasik, intelligent, liberal, slim, of changeable disposition, is wrathful, adventurous and capable of causing hurts. It dresses in red. It is the son of the Earth. Its vehicle is a ram. It is active. It is the god of war.
  2. Its RELATIONSHIP with other planets is as follows:

               Friendly with                       Sun



               Neutral to                             Venus


               Inimical to                           Mercury

   It is noticed that the signs owned by Mars and Venus are seventh and also twelfth from each other, Mars therefore dissi­pates Venus and stands on many matters opposed to what Venus signifies. There is opposition between the two planets in the above sense.

  1. It is the KARAICA for the following:

   Physical and mental strength, things produced out of the earth, immovable property but not agricultural land, younger brother/sister, enemy, enmity, courage, kins­men, weapons, boils, soldier, injury, sell-praise, bone marrow and energy.

  1. It REPRESENTS the following:

   (i)         Ruthlessness, enthusiasm, generosity, boldness, misdeeds, self-confidence, will, independence, determination, argu­ment leadership, conflict, the tendency to look upwards, drive, wit, organising ability, ability to get the work done, foolhardiness, unruliness, misunderstandings and telling lies.

   (ii)        Head, muscle, testicles, sexual vitality, blood, acute fever, inflammations, burns, bleeding, miscarriage, smallpox, sunstroke, measles, surgical operations, wounds, epi­demics, excessive thirst, injury due to fire, poison or weapon; dry and rough skin, fracture of bone, loss by thieves, and diseases in upper part of the body.

   (iii)       Battles, enemies, crime, accident, violence, litigation, hearth-fire, fire, electricity, logic, debates, science, iron, south, cutlery, athletic performance, engineering, Dhatu (inanimate objects like minerals and metals), quadruped, slightly burnt cloth, warrior class, Lord Hanuman, Lord Subramanya, summer, coral, deep-red, savage beasts, birds of prey, acids, tiger, wolf, battle fields, slaughter house, machinery, and smithy.

   (iv)       Interest in other’s women, territory from Krishna river to Ceylon. Like the Sun it represents Danda (Punishment). Mars governs the age of 25 years and also between 42 and 56 years.

   (v)        Surgeons, warriors, lawyers, debators, cooks, butchers and barbers.

  1. it is powerful in the tenth and infructuous in the second house.
  2. The difference between Venus and Mars is obvious insofar as emotional side of human nature is concerned, Venus is emo­tionally sensitive whereas Mars is emotionally excitable. There­fore Venus generates emotional impressions but Mars projects passions. Affection and refinement thus fall within the domain of Venus. Mars governs violence.
  3. Mars is male. Venus is female. When the two join, aspect each other, or Mars influences Venus in any manner, in the birth chart or the navansha chart, it leads to heightened sexuality in the native. This gets exacerbated if the association takes place in a fixed sign.
  4. If Mars and Ketu influence the factors indicating the self in a horoscope, the native suffers from accidents, violence and injuries.
  5. When Mars and Jupiter together influence the self of an individual, they lead him to put in hard work for the good of the society. A good samaritan is born. Contrary is the result when Saturn joins Mars. In this case the native is selfish and perverted, and will have criminal tendencies.
  6. Mars is a malefic planet by nature. It rises hind part first.
  7. Placement of Mars in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or the twelfth house causes early death of the spouse, separation, divorce, or marital discord or incompatibility.
  8. Mars or a malefic planet in general in the eighth house in a female horoscope, is known to cause widowhood.
  9. f Mars is afflicted in a horoscope it will cause serious problems for the native every 3 years and 9 months.
  10. If Mars is an adverse planet for the horoscope and is in aspect with either the Sun or Moon, the native will be in serious difficulties at the age of 52. 5 years. If such a Sun or Moon is also afflicted by Saturn, death of the native may occur.
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