Mars in Zodiac Signs

Effect of Mars in various SIGNS

Aries (Mooltrikona from 0 to 12 deg)

The native will occupy a position of authority or will be associated with the affairs of the government. He would be full of energy, sensual and fond of travelling. The native will be courageous, truthful and have martial qualities. He will be rich and gain from the government. This sign location is excellent for Mars, since this sign not only is the mooltrikona and own sign of Mars, but the element of the sign is also the same as that of this planet. Mars is not comfortable in its other sign Scorpio as the element is watery there. This location of Mars for Cancer, and Sagittarius ascendants is excellent. Mars in Aries for Cancer ascendant will give wealth and make the native do well in a uniformed service. Mars in Aries for Sagittarius ascendant will also give wealth but is likely to keep the native worried due to his children. The aspect of the Sun or Jupiter on Mars will be excellent for both the ascendants.


The native would be lazy, fond of female company, sensual, shy and interested in beautiful things. He will be well dressed but not rich. He will lack self confidence. He will be talkative, cunning and unstable in life. He will not have domestic happi­ness. He will have trouble from enemies or his children. He may do badly at litigation. The native may face dishonour due to his love affairs or liaisons with women. This location of Mars for Cancer and Leo ascendants is excellent. The native will amass wealth; if the ascendant is Cancer, this will be done unscrupu­lously. Mars will give the native power, wealth and high position if the ascendant is Leo. The aspect of Jupiter on Mars for both the ascendants will be good. The aspect of Saturn on Mars will be beneficial if the ascendant is Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius.


The native would have some talent for music. He will be handsome, without fear and of a helpful nature. He will have good vitality and stamina and will be capable of taking a lot of strain. He will be rich, have a number of friends and sons and will be fond of travelling. He will engage himself in a variety of occupations. He will have a sharp intellect and an urge to apply himself to educational pursuits. lie may get into trouble due to his subordinates. He may have a weakness for women and there may be more than one marriage or liaison. There may also be changes in jobs or vocations. When Mars major or sub-period runs for a native having Pisces ascendant, he will have both learning and wealth, The aspects of the Sun, Moon or Jupiter on Mars will be beneficial. The aspect of the Moon will make the native have influence of women in his life.

Cancer (Debilitated at 28 deg)

He will travel and live abroad. He will suffer from enemies, a powerful woman or stomach troubles. He will be intelligent but self-centered . The native is likely to get a scholarship in his childhood, but his childhood may not be happy. His wealth and health will wax and wane. He may not have much happiness from his mother. The native will be domesticated. He will always be worried and may face sorrows. Its placement in the third drekkan of Cancer will be the best when the native will be inoffensive, sober, peaceful and quiet. Such a Mars will be very bad for ascendants owned by Mercury. Much will depend on the strength of the Moon and the aspects on Mars. The aspect of Jupiter on Mars will be the best.


The native will be physically strong. He will be courageous, impatient with others, hard working and fond of visiting forests and hunting. He will not be rich. His married life will be unsatisfactory. His wife may predecease him. He will be fond of his children. lie will face trouble from subordinates. He will benefit from his connection with the government and may attain a responsible position. He may work till his death. There will not be formal retirement for him. Wealth will come to him late in life. Mars will give religiousness if it is in the second drekkan of the sign. Mars in this sign will give wealth if the ascendant is Cancer or Leo, but for Cancer it will also cause an unhappy family life, and for Leo little comforts. Scorpio ascendant is also good for wealth, but the native will have serious reverses in his health and education. The aspect of Jupiter on Mars will be excellent. The aspect of Venus will be good for marital well being but it will also make the person lasciviout


The native will be timid, avoid enmity, learned, cultured, rich and respected. He will speak pleasantly and will have a number of children. He will have happiness from wife and property. He may go abroad or away from his place of birth, to work. Alternatively he may deal in international trade or goods pro­duced abroad. He may be knowledgeable of stocks and shares and may gain from speculation. Mars shall give the best results in the second drekkan of the sign. When the ascendant is Sasittarius, the native may write books and will earn fame therefrom. He will also be wealthy and will have property. However Saturn or Venus should also be powerful. The aspects of the Sun, Moon or Jupiter on Mars will be beneficial. The aspect of the Moon will make the native have influence of women in his life.


The native will be sensual, timid, fortunate and fond of female company. He will be handsome, talkative and given to consump­tion of intoxicants. This location of Mars makes the native lose his wife early. The native will have to face heavy expenditure and trouble from wife. He will have several friends and will be successful in partnerships. The native will have good and refined children if Mars is placed in the second drekkan of the sign. This placement of Mars in Libra is good for Cancer and Capricorn ascendants, though he may be sexual in case of the former. The aspect of Jupiter, Venus or Saturn will be excellent.


The native will do well at business or as head of an institution. He will be wealthy, happy with his wife and children, and have the support of the government. His integrity will be in doubt. He will be aggressive, intrepid, be able to suppress his enemies and will be vindictive. He will suffer from fire, injuries and poison. He may get involved in litigation or intrigues. He may work as the leader in a plot. This placement is conducive to confinement of the native. He may go abroad, particularly so if the planet is in the third drekkati. His end may be violent. Mars in this sign will be good for Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants. The aspect of the Sun or Jupiter on Mars will be beneficial.


The native will become eminent in his chosen field. He may work for the government. He would be courageous. The native will suffer losses due to his temper, and harsh and impulsive speech. He may be rash and may have to face dishonour or slanderous charges. He will have to work hard to gain success in life. He may be fond of the outdoors and sports. His wife will be obedient and loving. He will have to face trouble from his enemies. He will have a better life after marriage. He may be interested in weapons and may try to be a marksman. This planet, when placed in the third drekkan of the sign, will make the native law abiding and morally upright. This location of Mars for Aries, Leo, and Pisces ascendants is excellent. The aspect of the Sun will be excellent.

Capricorn (Exalted at 28 deg)

The native will belong to a good family. He would be active in society, hard working, a leader and rich. He will be a reliable person and can be entrusted with responsibilities. He will be bold and will have success over his enemies. He will occupy a high position and will be helpful to his relatives. The native may join a uniformed or armed service and may rise to the highest position therein. He may possess immovable property and may have highly placed younger sister/brother. Mars in the second drekkan of the sign will bring benefits from speculation, and in the third, it will make the native a shrewd businessman or a person having good scientific knowledge. It will be bad for Gemini ascendant. For Virgo ascendant, it will be in the fifth house, where it may cause loss of or trouble through the children. When the ascendant is Aries, an exalted owner of the ascendant in the tenth house will ensure a high status and fame for the native. For Cancer, a powerful Mars, being the owner of the fifth and tenth houses and therefore a very beneficial planet for this ascendant, located in the seventh house in Capricorn, will no doubt give results of a powerful rajyoga, but will not be good for the longevity of the spouse. The aspect of Jupiter or Saturn on Mars will be excellent.


The native will be dishonest, poor, and unhappy. He may indulge in gambling and horse racing. His appearance will be displeasing and he may look older than his age. He will be unhappy on account of a wayward son and poor health. He will be cruel, an alcoholic and malicious. A good and well placed Mars in this sign may turn the native into a scientist, especially if the planet is placed in the second drekkan of the sign. He may work energetically in group activities for public welfare. When the ascendant is Leo, a powerful Mars, being the owner of the fourth and ninth houses and therefore a very beneficial planet for this ascendant, located in the seventh house in Aquarius, will no doubt give results of a powerful rajyoga and will give benefits to the native through his spouse and marriage, but it may make the native’s spouse sensuous and irritable. This description of the spouse may not be true if the drekkan in which the planet is placed is the third one. The aspect of Jupiter or Saturn on Mars will tone down the adverse results. When Mars in this sign aspec~9 Jupiter placed in Virgo, the native is likely to be childless.


The native will rise to a high position in life, will be coura­geous, reputed, ill-tempered and will live away from his birth place. The native may go abroad and live there if the drekkan in which the planet is placed is the third. His children will not do well in life, or one or two may pass away early. He may get married late in life, may have liaisons outside marriage or he may be jilted in love. If the ascendant is also Pisces and the major ­period of Mars is not the first major-period after birth, the native will have all the wealth and position that he may desire. If the major-period is the first after birth, there is a danger of balarista. The native may die in infancy. The aspect of the Sun on Mars will be excellent for reputation and fame. The aspect of Venus on Mars will also be good but there will always be the apprehension that the native may be sensuous and wayward.

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