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Love relationship is the aspiration to stay with him or her. When you are in love with someone, you see a future with the other person and that person is integrated in your life plans. Love is an amazing experience. If you’re genuinely hoping to find true love remember that love has to be nurtured and it is connected to trust, loyalty and an emotional attachment.

When it comes to choosing a life partner, many of us remain clueless about what we really want in our life partner. Astrology is able to express you that your life partner is appropriate for marriage or not since a Love Marriage Specialist examines all factors that may become barrier of your married life. We are Love Guru Astrologer who convey astrology or tarot card reading for love marriage issues.

Communication problems, Stress, Distance, Affair, Argument, in laws tantrums, financial issues or sexual problems are some of the major problems that couples face today. In case you are facing one of the above mentioned problems and are looking for ways to deal with it, Our Love Marriage Consultant will definitely help you.

Love Issues are occurred when you’re Stars & Planetary Positions got mismatched with another Person’s Stars & Planetary Positions. With the Help of Right Guidance you can get easy solution of all relationship problems. Love isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work things out that lead to separation for one couple may in fact lead to a healthier, stronger relationship for another. Approach us and take important discussion whereby you could save your future married life.

Take advice from our Love Marriage Specialist Astrologer and give a new direction to your love life where you will be attach with love to your partner and never face life’s obstacle because we are here to help you.

Ask a Question (Marriage/Relationships)

THIS is a special feature of In this we use Horary Astrology and give answers to your specific question correctly without the use of your Date of birth time of birth & place of birth. This method also gives answers to questions which cannot be answered through your horoscope.

Select your Question: 

  • When will I get married?
  • Will I have an arranged marriage or a love marriage
  • Will I marry a foreigner or a native?
  • Will my husband be very rich and will he love me?
  • Will I get married to the one I love?
  • How will be my married life?
  • Is my married life going to be happy or not?
  • Will my spouse be loving and caring towards me?
  • Does he/she love me?
  • When will I find the love of my life?
  • Will my relationship continue?
  • We have been living separately will we reunite again?
  • I am a divorcee. Will I marry again? When?
  • When will the troubles in my married life be over?

This report will provide you:
   Combined analysis of Horary Horoscope and Natal Horoscope
Timing of the event by use of Dasha System
Remedies related to your Query.





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