Fourth House

Significances of Fourth House

4th House

The fourth House refers to the house and everything related to it (both the childhood home & the present home):  family, land, personal foundations (inner emotional security), your roots. Astrologer’s area unit divided over whether or not this home is related to one’s mother or father. What’s clear is that a human upbringing is related to this House.

On a deeper level, the fourth home is the bottom of consciousness or the middle of our concrete existence. See however the cusp of the fourth home is the I.C., all-time low purpose on the chart, representative of things below the surface of Earth. Thanks to that, the fourth house was believed to rule the conditions at the top of life, and graves. Because the root or base of your real self, the fourth house rules wherever you go once you “die” however additionally wherever you came from. For those that believe reincarnation, the fourth house would offer clues to your karmic lesson for this period. It shows what karmic baggage you brought with you into this life. Notwithstanding you do not believe reincarnation, you are doubtless to be shocked by what you discover in your fourth house for it’s going to move your soul.

Any planets within the fourth house have an effect on your home life, your emotions, your subconscious, and probably your relationship along with your folks.

  1. This house refers to the following:

   (i)         Dwelling houses, tents, gardens, fields, immovable prop­erty, ancestral house in which one is born, wells and tanks, water, liquid, going away from the house or leaving the birth place, canopy, holes, caves, ground, entrance, subterranean places, ancient monuments and architecture.

   (ii)        Patrimony, treasure, and cattle.

   (iii)       Conveyance, horses, and elephants.

   (iv)       Close of life, end of any undertaking.

   (v)        Public in general (to be distinguished from people with whom the native interacts which is covered by the seventh house). Native’s popularity among the masses.

   (vi)       Mother, and women as respectable for the native as his mother. Native’s relationship with them.

   (vii)      Happiness, comfort promotion and victory. Home and domestic environment. Capacity to relax.

   (viii)     Holy places, piety, moral virtues, trust, and righteous conduct. Beneficial planets here are good for meditation.

   (ix)       Breasts. Chest. If the cusp of the house is in the first drekkan this house represents the right side of the nose. If there is second drekkan then it represents the right armpit and and if it is the third drekkan which contains the cusp then the right thigh and buttock are represented.

   (x)        Erudition, mind, intellect, qualifications of a person, high school and collegiate education, and knowledge of reli­gious texts and Vedas.

  1. Affliction of this house leads to mental disorders. The first, fourth and fifth houses, their owners, the Moon and Mercury are representative of the intellectual and emotional side of man. If these are afflicted it can lead to lunacy.
  2. The fourth house, its owner and the Moon under influence of Rahu give rise to phobias and fits.
  3. If the Moon becomes the owner of the fourth house it doubly represents the mind and wherever such a Moon is located the native shows that kind of inclination. For example such a Moon in the fifth house would make the man keenly interested in fine arts. Such a location in the sixth house will make a man fond of sports and pets.
  4. The first and the fourth houses, their owners and the Moon if powerful, friendly to each other and linked together make a man a leader of the masses.
  5. Riots play a part in the life of the native if this house, its owner and the Moon are linked with Rahu.
  6. If Saturn and the owner of the first house influence a powerful fourth house and its owner the native would have lot of landed property and will earn well from it.
  7. Separative influence of at least two of the Sun, Saturn, Rahu, owner of the twelfth house and their dispositors on the fourth house and its owner makes the native change his residence. If in this process the tenth house is also involved the change is due to one’s profession i. e. transfer.
  8. A weak owner of the fourth house under malefic influence brings about quarrel with members of public (i. e. unknown persons of general public).
  9. The native is selfish if the fourth house, its owner and the Moon are exclusively under the influence of Saturn and Rahu. If this yoga does not have any beneficial influence it can also mean that the native would suffer from tuberculosis.
  10. The native is dispassionate if the Moon, and this house are connected with Saturn.
  11. The native would be popular if this house and its owner are connected with the Moon.
  12. The rules for determining relationship between the native and a relative of his are under FIRST HOUSE. If we wish to determine the relations that are likely to exist between the native and his mother, we should apply these rules to the fourth house.
  13. The native takes to agriculture when the fourth house is connected with the second, ninth or the eleventh house.
  14. When the owner of the fourth house is placed in a good house or the fourth house has relationship with a good house, and the significators of education namely Jupiter and Mercury have at least average strength, the native will do well at college. If the fourth house is related to the tenth house, the native will come out at the top of successful candidates at college examina­hons.

Names: Amba, Turya, Griha, Suhrit, Vahan, Jal, Yaan, Sukh, Ambu, Neer, Vriddhi, Patal, Hibuk Kshiti, Vidya, Bandhu,Chatustaya, Geh.

Relatives: Sister’s son, maternal uncle, relations, mother, wife, clan, husband, father’s income, evil to father.

Human Body: Native’s energy, breasts of women, chest, heart, shoulder.

Persons: Friend.

Professions: Agriculture.

Actions: Massaging, abandoning household, secret affairs, digging of well/ponds for public, difficult cultivation, expelling from home, ceremony of entering new house, hoarding of one’s savings, entering a hole, development of Vedic, sacred texts.

Abstracts: Ambitions, comforts of sleep, faith, false allegation, fame, result, victory, pure intellect, hidden/leftover wealth, wealth, lands, ancestral property, comforts, patrimony, conclusion/ termination of every undertaking, curious secrets, secret life, hidden things, school and collegiate education, artistic ability, intellect.

Animals: Cow, buffalo, horse, mad elephant.

Eating: Milk, celestial food, eatables.

Objects: New vehicle, scent, fragrance, divine medicines, sculpture, produce of the damp fields, comforts of conveyance, ornament, vehicle, perfume, clothes, water, great herbs, harvest, grain produced.

Places: Treasure house, garden, residence abroad, gaining house, place of residence, place of sitting, river, bridge, land kingdom, house, immovable property, good house, reservoir, tank, well, underground well, seat, bed, agricultural field, canopy raised, for ceremony, small well, mansion, garden temple, loss of residence, treasure hidden under ground, mines, public buildings.

Horary: Place of stolen article.

Skills: Art to indicate direction of stolen wealth, growth of Vedic Shastras.

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