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    Nidhi Shrimali

    “Everyone is not lucky to have a birth chart or Kundali prepared after birth by their parents and keeping it, many a time people do not know their exact birth time, date, and place. It could be because of many reasons. The reason could be any, and then due to these, they find difficulty in astrological consultancy. The Specific date, time and place when a particular question comes to one’s mind are when is born. A child born on a specific time, date, and place has nature, destiny, personality, good luck- thus does any question has a personality, nature, destiny, and luck of the question? That is the result of question lucky or not. Prashna kundali is the best solution which allows astrologers to give answers to the specific questions. It is not a generalized analysis like astrology.
    Astrology is a general view of one’s life based on the birth time, date and place of a person, but prashna kundali is an answer to a particular question.
    Prashna Kundali is an accurate basis and a part of Vedic Astrology. This Horoscope is established based on the time of asking the question, dates of birth details are not needed. The accuracy of prashna is only up to maximum one query else it does not work out correctly and properly. Only genuine queries can be answered by this method. Someone has to think deeply about the question and then ask the question. If you don’t have your birth time or you are not sure about it to be accurate prashna kundali is a powerful way to solve your problems. Commonly getting a proper answer without Birth Details gets quietly complicated, but Prashna Kundali is the Astrology Science that gives you an exact answer about your queries related to your future and any problem. Prashna Kundali is well known as the Horary Astrology too. It is not created based on Horoscope or Kundali but rather based on the. In simple language, Prashna Kundali is the Kundali of the question itself and based on that question the entire Kundali of the person is calculated.

    Pandit NM Shrimali has an accurate solution and this helps in making Kundali or Birth chart for the people who are unknown to their birth time, date, year and place. This Prashna Kundali online solution is appropriate and recommended to those people who do not have any information on all. Prashna Kundali is based on real-time calculation and gives 95% to 99% correct result or predictions.

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