Mercury in Different Houses

Mercury in Different Houses

Effect of Mercury in Different Houses Mercury in Different Houses – 1st House He will have harm and will be happy, calm, sharp, witty -intelligent, friendly, learned and eloquent. He may master sev­eral languages. He will be long-lived, handsome, slender and tall. He will delve in several subjects in depth particularly astrology, engineering, mathematics, magic …

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Venus Mahadasha Effects

Venus Mahadasha

Effect of Venus Mahadasha It is very handsome to look at, has dark curly hair, and beautiful eyes. It has long hands, broad chest prominent shoul­ders, big thighs, and a swarthily clear complexion. It is of Rajasik temperament, is very fortunate and likes to wear colored clothes of various hues. It is intelligent, joyful and fond …

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Mars Mahadasha Effects

Mars Mahadasha

Effects of Mars Mahadasha Mars is masculine, short in stature, and has a thin waist. It has reddish-brown eyes and is powerfully built. Its hair is short and shining, and it is red and shining in appearance. It is courageous, a skillful speaker, vengeful, intelligent, liberal, slim, of a changeable disposition, is wrathful, adventurous and …

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Jupiter Mahadasha Effects

Jupiter Mahadasha

Effects of Jupiter Mahadasha Under Jupiter Mahadasha period it will result as with these features and characteristics. Jupiter has a big fat body with a broad chest and large limbs. It is intelligent and well versed in religious texts. It has yellow hair and a golden complexion. It is simple in nature. It is modest, …

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Moon Mahadasha Effects

Moon Mahadasha

Effects of Moon Mahadasha   Moon Mahadasha Effects with Moon’s characteristics under the Moon Mahadasha is feminine, fair, with handsome eyes and melodious voice it is svelte, tall, youthful, with curly and short hair, and is intuitive and beautiful in appearance. It is learned, friendly, kind, fickle-minded and likes to wear clean white clothes. It …

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