Pawan Chandra

Acharya Pawan Chandra a researcher in Vedic astrology and Nadi Shastra. With his research, he has written many books like Vivaha, Samay, Phalit Sutram, and many more. After long research, Acharyasree Pawan Chandra developed a revolutionary formula for calculating probable DATE OF MARRIAGE of any individual from his Birth Details. His research on Birth Time Rectification can rectify the Time of Birth to fractions of a second. Vivaha Sutram & Samay Sutram, are based on this research.

rishi kapoor death analysis

Rishi Kapoor Death Astrology Reason Analysis

With Rishi Kapoor Death Astrology and Analysis based on calculations of his horoscope…

क्या आप अपने अथवा अपने निकट सम्बन्धियों के जीवन-काल में आने वाले सम्भावित “अरिष्टकाल” अर्थात्‌ मृत्यु अथवा मृत्यु-तुल्य काल की गणना कर सकते हैं और वह भी मात्र कुछ सैकण्ड्स में। जी हॉ! ऐसा सम्भव है।