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My name is Ashita Saxena and I am  Tarot Cards Reader, Healer, Spell Caster and a Wiccan.

Since childhood the mysteries of nature attracted me and I was keen on knowing the elements, their powers and about all that was untold and hidden. As I grew up  slowly and slowly all these mysteries were unfolded to me. I understood them perfectly now and started using it for the betterment of one and all.

Ashita Saxena - Online Tarot Card Reader

Online Tarot Card Reader, Healer, Reiki, Spell Caster Wiccan Healerthe sacred art of healing,spell magic, reiki, with

To heal or to solve everyday problems or to look in the past or future, I make use of one or more of my tools. I use Tarot Cards, Runes, Spells and use Healing energies of Reiki and Crystals and my special abilities horned by my mentors.

Every darkness is followed by Light and every problem has a solution with this as my firm believe I do Life style Counseling too, any problems in relationships, love, discipline, stress management or of teenagers I can help in finding out a solution to it.

With the help of the elements, sharp insight and thorough knowledge one can change the negative environment of the home as well as  of the office into positive and rewarding environment.

I have twenty years of experience working with my elements and I have satisfied and happy clients all over the globe.

With this I hold in my hands great Academic achievements and I have authored a novel on one of the most haunted place Bhangarh with the title “The Return Of Ratnavati”. Though I have never been there it is based on my true calling.

Do feel free to contact me and see how your life blooms and changes with positivity.

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