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Acharya Pawan Chandra

Specializing in Astrology with Vedic Astrology. With over 30 Years of Experience, Can do the analysis of your Horoscope based on Indian Vedic Astrology.

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Learn Astrology Courses

Detailed Vedic Astrology Courses, personally created by Acharya Sri Pawan Chandra.

acharya pawan chandra vedic astrology courses

Predictive Astrology

Predictive astrology is the evolved version of approaches to foreseeing the future and uncovering significance from the past. As part of astrology, which is about “fortune-telling” or simply looking at what will happen in a person’s future life.

Complete Vastu Shastra

The Complete Vastu Shastra course in which you will learn unique and simple methods to do Vastu of your Home not just through compass but also can do the analysis from your horoscope.
Uncover the secrets of all directions comes in Vastu Shastra.

Nadi Astrology & Research

Learn about complete Nadi Astrology along with Research documents for a more accurate analysis of the horoscope.

Advance Vedic Astrology

Advanced Vedic Astrology comes with Mathematical calculations related to Astrology that helps to do the analysis at a microscopic level of any particular event, like Birth Time Rectification.’

Books Written By Acharya Pawan Chandra

Acharya Pawan Chandra has written Astrology related books in various segments. His first book published with the name of ‘Jyotish Ke Anubhoot Rahasya’. After this book, he has written some other books as well based on his own research with names of Vivaha Sutram, Samay Sutram, Phalit Sutram, Namo Namah, etc.