Birth Time Rectification Know Your Correct Time of Birth

Birth Time Rectification Know Your Correct Time of Birth

Birth Time Correction to know your correct time of birth

Birth Time Rectification Know Your Correct Time of Birth with

Destiny or fate, whatever you call it, starts getting in action from the moment a life is born. With the right guidance from an efficient and reliable astrologer, you can turn the fate of your child in favor of the family by adjusting correct timings of birth. This is not a complicated process but needs the precision only an experienced and genuinely gifted astrologer can achieve.

Get in touch with to find out what all you can do to have things in your child’s favor from the moment he or she is born. You can make life easier and much more beautiful for your child if you adjust the correct timings of birth.

Things you can do

You can get to know everything about your fate depending on your time of birth and plan the birth of your child according to the best timing so that he or she gets all the perks of the stars that you did not get because your parents did not know. Here is what you can do:

  • Find out the effects of your time of birth on your stars.
  • Get suggestions on good correct timings of birth.
  • Get the detailed explanation of the modification of the timings.

It is even better if you can make that little extra effort to time the conception accordingly as well. Then not just the moment’s time, but the most favorable timing of the year can be chosen for the birth of your child to make most of the Vedic formulae.

Vedic Formulas

Our knowledge is based on the original Sanskrit scriptures of astrology. These texts are more than 5000 years old. We rediscovered hidden formulas in the texts of the Vedic sage Parashara that make Vedic astrology a science of utmost precision. Ultimately, every physical atom is guided by natural laws including astrological laws. They work precisely within each fraction of a second. We have applied this precision to thousands of our clients with amazing results. Of all astrology sites, this one is the astrology site focusing on birth time rectification!

To find out the correct birth time, there are various rules and methods in Indian and Western Astrology. In all of these Methods, the best one is K.P. (Krishnamurthy Paddhati). We use this method to get your correct time of birth.

These details are the must for birth time rectification.
1. Date, Place and the range of possible birth times within approximately one hour of accuracy. for ex. between 9 am to 10 am etc…
2. List of your key life events. As many of these as you can provide will be helpful. for ex. Date of marriage, Date of child birth etc..

You will get e-janmakundali free along with your rectified time of birth.

RS. 2400/- ($39)

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